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Clinical radiology

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Clinical Radiology

Key facts

MSc, PGDip, PGCert

Full-time: 1 year

Part-time: 4 years

Location: University of Brighton Falmer campus, University of Sussex Falmer campus

Course Leader: Dr Phil Thompson

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This course is jointly validated by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.


Key areas of study

  • Imaging physics and anatomy
  • Musculoskeletal and neurological imaging
  • Oncological imaging
  • Research methods and critical appraisal
  • Communication, learning and teaching in health and social care
  • Leading and transforming services

Course overview

This course has been set up with the ultimate aim of producing high-quality Clinical Radiology consultants, capable of meeting the challenges of this dynamic and rapidly evolving specialty.

Radiology trainees are required to assimilate a large body of knowledge with which they will have been previously unfamiliar over a relatively short timescale, including detailed knowledge of imaging physics and anatomy as well as the full spectrum of disease processes and associated imaging features. The three clinical modules of the course provide a thorough grounding in these essential areas of knowledge. Generic professional skills do not always receive sufficient focus in everyday radiology training. Furthermore, despite the rapid advances being made in imaging technology, the number of radiologists actively engaged in high quality research remains small. The three professional modules of the course develop skills in the key domains of research, leadership and teaching. The dissertation component of the MSc provides the opportunity to undertake a supervised, high quality piece of research in a chosen subspecialty area.

clinical radiology


"The MSc Clinical Radiology course has challenged me to explore the concepts that underpin radiological practice in depth. By providing a supportive environment for thought and debate it has had a positive impact on my practice as a training radiologist."

Samantha Fossey, Clinical Radiology student


"I’ve really enjoyed the MSc course which has allowed me to explore emerging trends and future directions of the speciality that I would not have covered elsewhere. There have been some really engaging and eminent lecturers who have given their time to come and talk about their area of expertise."

Dr Ben Thomson, Msc Student


"The course gives you a sound grounding in the basics of current radiology practice. It then allows open discussion among students and lecturers to cover complex topics in depth. I’ve been impressed by the range of lecturers we have had from medical physicists, oncologists, statisticians and research scientists."

Dr Nik Patel, Msc student

Course structure

Assessment for professional modules is by assignments of around 3,000 words and written examinations for clinical modules.  


MDM143 Imaging Physics and Anatomy (20 credits)

MDM144 Musculoskeletal and Neurological Imaging (20 credits)

MDM145 Oncological Imaging (20 credits)


PGCert modules


MDM10 Research Methods and Critical Appraisal (20 credits)

MDM122 Communication, Learning and Teaching in Health and Social Care (20 credits)

MDM110 Leading and Transforming Services (20 credits)


PGDip modules


MDM164 Dissertation (60 credits)  

Career opportunities

This course has been set up with the ultimate aim of producing high-quality Clinical Radiology consultants, capable of meeting the challenges of this dynamic and rapidly evolving specialty and equipped with a wide range of invaluable clinical and professional knowledge and skills.

Entry requirements

Students should have a medical degree plus a minimum of two years’ postgraduate experience or a degree in a profession allied to clinical radiology. Students are normally expected to be in clinical practice throughout the course.

International applicants who meet the above entry criteria and have IELTS (minimum score of 7.0, with no less than 6.5 in each section) are welcome to apply.

Fees and funding (2017-18)


UK / EU / Island students £7,650

International £14,490


UK £5,100

International £9,660


UK £2,250

International £4,830

Apply here

Applications are made through the University of Brighton online portal.