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Brighton & Sussex Medical School


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OLD Research

At BSMS our medical research has developed a strong reputation for making a real impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Ultimately, our research aims to:

  • improve medical treatment
  • answer fundamental biomedical and clinical questions
  • deliver more personalised healthcare to patients.

We bring together the expertise of both the Universities of Brighton and Sussex to offer researchers the very best in research facilities and support. Close integration with the local NHS allows researchers to work directly with the local population, improving their health while developing research work that can be applied nationally and globally.

A doctor in a white lab coat using a stethoscope on a young patient

Clinical and experimental medicine

Our research in clinical and experimental medicine comprises biomedical ethics, our Clinical Trials Unit, oncology, paediatrics and rheumatology. 

Much of our research in these areas is recognised internationally.

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Bathing the feet of a patient with podoconiosis

Global health and infection

BSMS has a vibrant global health research programme with academic links around the world.

Taking an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach, we work on existing and newly arising health issues, including neglected tropical and non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, HIV), antibiotic resistance, health risk behaviours and their determinants, occupational health policy and practice, and hospital-acquired infections in low-income settings.

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Surgeon talks to 3 students in red lab coats while they look at training materials together

Medical education

Medical education research at BSMS has developed along with the undergraduate BM BS programme through the Department of Medical Education, a multi-professional group involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning.

Medical education research is being conducted as part of doctoral studies (MD/PhD/Professional Doctorate) and Masters programmes, as well as in collaboration with parent universities, by a multi-professional group of academics and clinicians. 

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A graphic of a translucent skull showing the brain landscape underneath


From the laboratory through to clinical studies, our groundbreaking neuroscience research explores the function of the nervous system in both health and disease.

Our work aims to make a real difference in the understanding and treatment of neurological conditions including dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and chronic pain. We use molecular, physiological and neuroimaging techniques to examine the underlying mechanisms, diagnosis and treatments of these conditions.

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A student practices taking a patient's blood pressure while a tutor looks on

Primary care and public health

At BSMS we believe that population health lies at the heart of effective healthcare. 

The department of Primary Care and Public Health brings together a wide range of disciplines to address clinical and healthcare challenges. These include general practice, public health, epidemiology, statistics, health informatics, psychology and behavioural medicine.

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Medical research building a Sussex University

Research facilities

Our state-of-the-art Medical Science Research Building and Trafford Centre offer researchers an outstanding resource with core laboratory facilities and specialist equipment, while our Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre provides a resource for translational research in oncology and neuroscience. At the Royal Sussex County Hospital site we have built a Clinical Investigation and Research Unit – a 10-bedded facility for carrying out clinical studies in physiology and therapy. These four units represent a strong investment in our capacity to provide first-class resources for clinical research. 

We also work closely with two centres based at the University of Sussex with specialisms in genetics and consciousness science: the Sussex Centre for Genome Damage and Stability and the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science.

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Support and governance

The BSMS research team offers support at every level – from specialised technical assistance to the fine details of making funding applications. 

We also provide guidance on working with human tissues and a comprehensive ethical scrutiny and governance process.

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