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Research facilities

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Research facilities

Medical Research Building and Trafford Centre

BSMS' state-of-the-art Medical Research Building and Trafford Centre on Sussex campus provide an outstanding resource for around 70 medical research scientists, working on cell signalling, developmental biology, neuro-inflammation, human genetics, cancer, infection and immunity.

The laboratories include facilities for:

  • molecular biology
  • tissue culture
  • drosophila growth
  • advanced microscopy
  • flow cytometry (Becton Dickinson LSR II)
  • cell sorting (Becton Dickinson Aria II)
  • histology
  • phlebotomy
  • containment (level 2 and 3 labs)
  • biobanking (-80⁰C and liquid nitrogen).

Medical research building on the Sussex University campus

These facilities support a number of processes in both basic research where maximum flexibility is required as well as clinical trials where samples can be processed, analysed and stored in the BSMS Biobank according to regulated guidelines.

The laboratories are managed by a team of four who provide training in laboratory techniques to undergraduate and postgraduate students and clinical research fellows. For any requirements, please contact Juliet Kneller, the Unit Administrator on

Someone inside an MRI scanner

Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre

The Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre (CISC) provides resources for translational research in oncology and neuroscience and houses a 3T and a 1.5T Siemens MRI and 64-slice PET/CT scanners.

The scanners and associated software were upgraded at a cost of £212k in late 2012. In addition, CISC is equipped with a unique set of facilities for combining MRI with physiological and neurophysiological measurements.

CISC is now established as a centre for scanning of patients enrolled into Phase II and III interventional treatment trials for neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders.

Read more about CISC >