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What our Global Health students say

What our Global Health students say

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 Meet our Global Health students and find out about their experiences of the course.

a global health alumni student named Abiman wearing a mustard t shirt in front of a blue train smiling

Abiman Ravishankar

"I applied to study the Global Health MSc for my intercalation and my experience over the year exceeded expectations! The course is structured so that students without prior global health experience cover the fundamental principles in the first semester. The tutors were always very encouraging and friendly.

Additionally, I had the privilege of getting to know coursemates from across the globe from various professional backgrounds, and this always made interactive sessions engaging as I was able to gain different perspectives.  As the year progressed, I felt a sense of community as I got to know the tutors and coursemates very well. The course allowed me to develop my skills in essay writing, oral presentations, and research. I would highly recommend the Global Health MSc at BSMS for anyone interested in global health and any medical students considering intercalating as you learn new skills which you don’t always get the chance to develop whilst at medical school. 

The Health and Development module at IDS focuses on key issues that we face in the 21st century and some topics I particularly enjoyed learning about were anti-microbial resistance, climate change and health, zoonoses and the obesity epidemic. Tutors were friendly and always encouraged students to think outside the box to deepen their understanding of the topic at hand. This module also taught us how to write effective policy briefs which was a valuable skill to gain and will be useful in my professional development."

A global health alumni student named Syra stood on rocks with the sea and blue sky in the background

Syra Dhillon

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Global Health MSc at BSMS. The lectures and seminars were deeply interesting, engaging and fun! My background is in medicine so whilst I was aware of the biomedical challenges we face in disease control, I became much more knowledgeable on the sociopolitical determinants of health. 

There is a good focus on basic principles, including research methods, before building on more theoretical and abstract concepts. The course is well organised and the lecturers are very approachable. Access to both the University of Sussex and Brighton libraries means there are a wealth of resources available to you for assessments. The dissertation period is very flexible and well supported centrally. I took this course alongside my FY2 year full time, so I'd encourage anyone who is looking to work alongside to get in touch with the global health team for more information on a flexible plan that is achievable.  

Taking the Health and Development modules with IDS was something I knew I wanted to do from the start of the course, given the school's international reputation within the development sphere. The module was taught through a heavy social science lens, which at first I was hesitant towards as I've only ever done science courses. However the sessions are extremely interesting, with inspiring recommended reading. For the assessments, you are mentored at discrete points by senior faculty, who are instrumental in guiding and discussing your work with. The students and tutors are from widely varying background and cultures, giving a depth and richness to group discussions. 

I'd definitely recommend the Global Health MSc at BSMS! 

Ibrahim Hamami Headshot

Ibrahim Hamami

Current BSMS student Ibrahim Hamami discusses his intercalated degree in Global Health, the benefits of doing it and his favourite modules so far.  

Clare Phillips Headshot

Clare Phillips

"I studied the Global Health MSc part-time over two years, alongside my job as a nurse in the NHS. I really enjoyed the varied content of the course which gave me a good grounding in global health and complimented my clinical work with marginalised communities in the UK. Above all the MSc ignited an interest in research I hadn’t realised I had! My research project was based in Oromia, Western Ethiopia where my study focused on podoconiosis and its impact on caregivers. The findings were published earlier this year and I have subsequently had the opportunity to present my data at several conferences. The MSc and the fantastic support I’ve had from the global health team has been instrumental in shaping my (fledgling!) research career." 

Clare Phillips, MSc in Global Health, 2017-2018

Calum Barnes Headshot

Calum Barnes 

"The BSMS MSc in Global Health has been an excellent and enriching course helping me to develop personally and providing me with a broad and strong knowledge base and numerous opportunities and contacts. I hope to pursue both an academic and practical interest in health equity and social justice which this course has made possible. Without the BSMS Global Health scholarship I would not have been able to study the course so count myself very lucky that BSMS offers it.”

Calum Barnes, MSc in Global Health, 2017-2018

Leah Salm arms outstretched

Leah Salm

Alumna Leah Salm shares her views on the course and how it helped her with her current role in Washington, D.C.





Renee Donner Headshot

Renee Donner  

"As an international student, receiving the Global Health Scholarship has given me the financial flexibility to take advantage of the many learning opportunities outside of regular course work including seminars at the renowned Institute of Development Studies, Centre for Global Health Policy and Global Health Conferences at universities throughout the country. The staff encourage discussion, facilitate learning, and are always willing to help outside of lectures. I can honestly say I have learned so much more than I ever expected and now understand how to critically evaluate health from multiple perspectives."

Renee Donner, MSc Global Health 2016-2017