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Brighton & Sussex Medical School



Sube Banerjee

Director of Centre for Dementia Studies
Professor Sube Banerjee

Sube Banerjee MBE, MB BS MSc MBA MD FRCPsych is Professor of Dementia and Associate Dean at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. He trained at St Thomas’s, Guy’s and the Maudsley hospitals, and was the Professor of Mental Health and Ageing at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, for 10 years. He was the Department of Health for England’s senior professional advisor on dementia and led the development of its National Dementia Strategy, as well as conducting the national enquiry into the use of antipsychotics in dementia for the UK government. He developed the Croydon Memory Service Model and works with industry and governments on health systems, policy and strategies to improve health for older adults with complex needs and those in long-term care with dementia.

An active researcher with more than 120 original papers published in peer-reviewed journals, Professor Banerjee focuses on measurement of quality of life in dementia, evaluation of new treatments and services, and the interface between policy, research and practice. He has been awarded national and international awards for his work in policy and research.

Tanya Telling

Assistant Director of Centre for Dementia Studies
Tanya Telling

Tanya Telling is responsible for the business and day-to-day running of CDS, and the management and delivery of its programmes. She takes the lead in the interface with SPT clinical services and the NHS, social care and industry more broadly, as well as leading in the development and policy elements of CDS. • 01273 265909

Manager of Centre for Dementia Studies
Victoria Hare

The CDS Manager is responsible for managing and delivering the regional education programme in partnership with Health Education England and supporting the Assistant Director in the development of Trust and clinical links to the CDS.


Breda Flaherty - web

Co-Lead for Primary Care Dementia Fellowship Programme
Breda Flaherty

Breda Flaherty is Course Director for the MSc in Leadership and Commissioning, where she leads on Developing Effective Commissioners and on Clinical Leadership. Breda is a faculty member at the NHS Leadership Academy, a Leadership Associate at the King’s Fund, and Commissioning Development Associate at the National Skills Academy for Social Care (NSASC). She focuses on developing clinical, managerial and social care leaders in changing organisations to improve services. • 01273 644506

Module Leader of MSc Dementia Studies
Dr Tony Coates

Dr Tony Coates is Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and a module leader for the MSc in Dementia Studies. His module covers the psychosocial aspects of dementia care. His main interest within psychiatry has always been in the field of dementia and he is particularly interested in helping people who are affected by rarer forms of dementia, such as those in younger age groups. Dr Coates hosts a regional support group for people with the visual variant of Alzheimer’s disease, known as posterior cortical atrophy. • 01243 791833

Module Leader of MSc Dementia Studies
Dr Malgorzata (Gosia) Raczek

Dr Gosia Raczek is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at BSMS and a module leader for the MSc in Dementia Studies. She is also a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, where she is the Clinical Director in Dementia and Later Life pathway. Dr Raczek pursues her research interest in neuroimaging in dementia and Parkinson’s disease with researchers in the Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre, and her clinical work is shared between Memory Assessment Service in West Sussex and Poynings Unit at Princess Royal Hospital. • 01403 223244

Stephanie Daley March 2015_web

Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Stephanie Daley

Dr Stephanie Daley is the evaluation lead for the Time for Dementia programme. Stephanie undertook her PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London on the applicability of the concept and practice of recovery for older people with mental health problems, including dementia. Stephanie has over 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist, most recently as the Professional Lead for Occupational Therapy for the Mental Health of Older Adults and Dementia CAG at the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust. Stephanie has also worked as an Organisational Consultant, and has run the Leadership and Change module for the Advanced Care of Dementia at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London since 2011. • 01273 873206


Sara balouch in her office

Research Fellow

Dr Sara Balouch

Dr Sara Balouch is a Research Fellow for the Centre for Dementia Studies. In 2014 she completed her Psychology PhD at the University of Sussex where she studied the memory of everyday activities in people with dementia. She has a keen interest in studying ageing, particularly dementia research and is fascinated by the interaction between physical health, mental health, cognitive functioning and lifestyle.  Her current research encapsulates these interests, whereby she is exploring lifestyle risk factors of dementia – more precisely the effects of sleep, social networks and multimorbidity on the risk of developing dementia in older adults who have mild cognitive impairment. 

Nicolas Farina

Research Fellow
Dr Nicolas Farina

Dr Nicolas Farina is a Research Fellow for the Centre for Dementia Studies. He has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Sussex, in which he explored the effects of physical activity on the executive decline of people with dementia. Dr Farina is particularly interested in the role of physical activity in improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers. He has experience working with a community-based dementia population and writing systematic reviews on a number of topics. He is also the local project supervisor for the MODEM study ( • 01273 678995

Dr Sahan Mendis (2)

Academic Clinical Fellow

Dr Sahan Mendis

Dr Sahan Mendis is an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and a Core Psychiatry Trainee working under the supervision of Dr Naji Tabet (Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry). His ACF research investigates the role of bilingualism as a protective factor in delaying the onset of the cognitive symptoms of dementia. He is currently conducting a multicentre cohort feasibility study entitled 'Exploring the role of bilingualism on the onset and the progression of dementia. A Feasibility Study'.  Dr Mendis is planning to use this pilot data to develop a clinical Phd research fellowship application exploring the role of cognitive reserve in both healthy ageing and in individuals who may later develop cognitive impairment. • 01273 678182 

T: +44 (0)1273 678182 

Sharne Berwald

Research Assistant 
Sharne Berwald

Sharne Berwald graduated from the University of Sussex in 2013 with a MSc in Experimental Psychology, then went on to work in the NHS as a Psychology Graduate Intern within Dementia Services and as a Community Support Worker in an Older Persons Community Mental Health Team. More recently Sharne has worked as a Research Assistant at University College London and North Thames CLAHRC on two dementia related projects. Sharne is currently working as a Research Assistant in Dementia at the Centre for Dementia Studies, BSMS.

PhD student
Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes is a PhD student at the Centre for Dementia Studies. Laura has a background in Psychology, having obtained a BSc in Psychology from Queen Margaret University and an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology from the University of Strathclyde. Her PhD is in the area of quality of life and severe dementia. She is also interested in quality of care and the effects of caring for a person with dementia on family carers. Laura has several years’ experience in working with people with dementia in care home settings. • 01273 873132

Leila Hughes_8Sept14 (2)

Research Assistant

Leila Hughes

Leila Hughes completed a BSc in Psychology at Bangor University and went on to complete an MSc in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health at the University of Sussex. Leila has worked for a number of years in direct care services in a clinical capacity but over the last five years has worked as a Research Assistant at both Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Leila has worked on a number of different research projects ranging from those looking at sexual health, common mental health problems, through to psychosis and dementia. Leila currently works as a research assistant on the Time for Dementia study working closely with the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Alzheimer’s Society and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. 01273 873206

Dementia Research Unit (DRU)

Dementia Research Unit (DRU) at Sussex Partnership NHS Trust is a central element of CDS. The Unit is dedicated to research into the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and has been conducting clinical trials since 2007. An active member of DeNDRoN, the Unit aims to provide a positive experience to people taking part in research whilst investigating new possibilities for the treatment and care of those with dementia.

Making important contributions to dementia research, DRU has developed into a centre of excellence in dementia trials, with particular strengths in the successful conduct of industry sponsored studies.

Naji Tabet

DRU Lead
Dr Naji Tabet

Dr Naji Tabet, Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry, is a course leader of the MSc Dementia Studies, and leads the clinical trial arm of CDS. Dr Tabet has been an investigator on over 20 major clinical trials and is also actively investigating non-pharmacological approaches that may have an added benefit for Alzheimer’s disease patients. He is also studying biochemical and immunological markers to shed further light on disease pathogenesis and progression.

Senior Clinical Support Worker
Jenny Carr

Jenny Carr ensures that patients and caregivers feel welcome throughout their research visits to DRU. As visits are likely to be several hours at a time across several months or years, it is important that the experience is comfortable throughout.

Research Nurses
Angela Ozduran • Gail Chandler • Sam Holden

The DRU Research Nurses coordinate a range of industry-sponsored and academic research studies addressing Alzheimer’s Disease. They work closely with patients and their caregivers to provide information about research studies and, once consented into a study, coordinate their journey through it. They undertake clinical assessments, deliver research intervention and collate study data, as well as promoting a strong research culture across the Trust and beyond.

Sally Geddes

As Administrator for DRU, Sally Geddes ensures that the office runs smoothly day to day and assists in the financial and patient administration of the research studies.