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Podoconiosis - Subsistence Farmers
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Global health and infection department

Global Health and Infection department

The Global Health and Infection department at BSMS was set up in 2014 to respond to growing interest in these disciplines. Our team members are based across multiple sites including BSMS, the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust and a variety of overseas institutions.

We run a vibrant research programme with academic links around the world via the Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research. We combine excellence in teaching and research, and take pride in an interdisciplinary approach to all our activities.

Research carried out by members of our Department spans four main areas: neglected tropical diseases; infectious diseases; HIV and sexual health; and the intersection between Society, Culture and Health.

Watch our departmental video to find out more about what we do.



The Global Health and Infection Department works in close partnership with our parent universities (the Universities of Brighton and Sussex) to develop novel opportunities for research in order to help improve health and health equity globally. 

We collaborate with the Centre for Global Health Policy at the University of Sussex and with the prestigious Institute of Development Studies (IDS), on the University campus. Sussex, with IDS, was recently ranked the top University in Europe for Development Studies by the QS University World Rankings. Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues at these institutions are facilitated through a Global Health Network that meets regularly and organises a seminar series and an annual conference.

We also work in partnership with community organisations, universities and non-governmental organisations based locally and internationally. For instance, we have a Health Link with the Medical School and University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia, which supports educational activities such as staff and student exchanges, and we are now developing a similar link with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.

As part of the Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health Research we have partnerships with academic institutions in over 25 countries, including two large NIHR-funded programmes of research into neglected tropical diseases (NTDS): The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on NTDs at BSMS, and the Social Sciences for Severe Stigmatising Skin Conditions (5S) Foundation

We are responsive to the needs identified by our partners and strive to grow alongside our partners' in our capacity for research and research management. 


Postgraduate courses

We currently offer a postgraduate course (MSc, PGcert and Diplomas) in Global Health. In addition, most of our researchers teach and tutor in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses at BSMS. 

MSc in Global Health

Started in 2010, this innovative course develops students’ understanding of the complex determinants of health and their potential solutions in order to help them contribute to the improvement of health and the achievement of health equity and social justice worldwide. 

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