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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Meet the team

Meet the team

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Dr Stephanie Daley

Dr Stephanie Daley is the programme and evaluation lead for the Time for Dementia and Time for Autism educational programmes. Stephanie completed her PhD at Kings College London in 2014. Stephanie is an Occupational Therapist by background. • 01273 873206


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Dr Ann White

Dr Ann White is the Academic Lead for the Time for Autism educational programme. As a Community Paediatrician in Brighton she is involved in the Autism pathways to diagnose and support local children. Dr White also works within the Brighton and Sussex medical school as the lead for Year 4.

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Alison Smith 

Alison Smith is the Development Manager for the Time for Autism educational programme and is responsible for recruiting families to the project. Alison is a speech and language therapist and has worked with children who have communication difficulties in a variety of healthcare and education settings. She also worked as a lecturer at University College London and has a Master’s Degree in Human Communication from the University of London. • 07717 450954

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Francesca Rigby

As Project Administrator for Time for Autism, Francesca will be a point of contact for families and students and is looking forward to getting to know everyone. Supporting Stephanie, Ann and Alison, Francesca will help ensure the smooth running of the programme including pairing students with participating families and keeping track of student visits. She will also help to keep families and students informed and up-to-date with developments as the project progresses. • 07826 549523