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Male student using the CAPSULE app on a phone
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CAPSULE is a quiz-based learning resource designed to support undergraduate medical students in the application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting.

CAPSULE is the result of a collaboration between BSMS and Ocasta, a learning technology company and was successfully launched within BSMS in September 2016. CAPSULE is provided through dedicated high quality mobile applications on both Apple and Android phones as well as tablets and through the web. 

CAPSULE contains more than 650 clinical cases with 3,500 questions. The 650 clinical cases cover all the clinical specialties encountered in years 4 and 5, including medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, therapeutics, obstetrics and gynaecology, general practice and also professional studies.

Hand with CAPSULE app on phone


CAPSULE allows you to create learning that is specific to your needs. Create a quiz using filters such as categories, medical term tags, cases not attempted or scored percentage. 

CAPSULE also allows you to:

  • Create personalised quizzes
  • Search for a specic case or topic in the extensive case library
  • View feedback on questions answered
  • View statistics and progress
  • Comment and feedback to the CAPSULE team on learning content
  • Access on all devices and platforms
  • Work offline
Man using app on phone in garden


“Very useful, very grateful for it as a resource. Thank you CAPSULE team!”

“Really good resource, helpful for medical school exams.”

“CAPSULE is accessible offine and can be used on the go.”