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About Capsule

Capsule is a digital assessment platform to support medical knowledge in the clinical setting.

  • Capsule is the only digital learning platform mapped to the UK MLA content map.
  • Students with higher case scores have higher deciles.
  • Platform analytics enable progress tracking and identification of students-in-difficulty.
  • Capsule is collaborating internationally to create bespoke case packages. 

From 2024/25, all UK medical undergraduates will be required to pass the national Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) to gain their provisional license. Capsule has been developed to provide clinical students with a rich, formative educational resource to support applied learning and preparation for the MLA.

Capsule is a not-for-profit, mobile and web-based digital learning platform. It is designed to ensure students encounter the full range of clinical presentations and conditions included in the MLA content map. Clinical cases have been created by senior UK medical educators and each include a clinical scenario and a series of questions testing diagnosis, management, and medical science skills, and these can be grouped into learning and assessment sets. Capsule provides instant question feedback and personalised, comparative performance data to students and faculty. 

Capsule comprises over 720 cases and 3500 questions, including over 500 multimedia resources. Currently 27 medical schools are subscribed, with over 40,000 registered users. As of July 2022, up to 24,000 cases are completed per week with over 1,000,000 cases completed in the last 12 months. Students who complete more cases tended to score higher per case (p=0.0037) with higher case scores being linked to higher deciles (p=0.019).

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Hand with CAPSULE app on phone


Capsule allows you to create learning that is specific to your needs. Create a quiz using filters such as categories, medical term tags, cases not attempted or scored percentage. 

Capsule also allows you to:

  • Create personalised quizzes
  • Search for a specic case or topic in the extensive case library
  • View feedback on questions answered
  • View statistics and progress
  • Comment and feedback to the Capsule team on learning content
  • Access on all devices and platforms
  • Work offline