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Two students observe a surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Fifth year perspectives

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Fifth year perspectives

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Evie O'Rourke

"At BSMS we're encouraged to use our research projects to present at conferences, and mine was a surgical audit in plastic surgery looking at open lower limb fractures. 

I was really excited to present my poster of my work at this conference." 


Harriet Sharp

"I've just got home from simulation surgery. It was realy fun.

I always really enjoy it because you actually feel like you're a bit of a doctor when you go in and see the manniquin patient."


Abirami Kathiravelupillai

"I've just attended Professor Wright's Monday afternoon teaching on Jowers Ward in elderly medicine. It's a fantastic opprtunity for students to consolodate their learning.

Professor Wright is a fantastic teacher and we learn everything from examination to interpretation and it just gives you that confidence ahead of finals."


Sana Ditta

"One of the best things about BSMS is that it's a smaller medical school to some of the others, so you really get to know everyone and it's like you're a family and you'll fit right in. 

"One of the best things about phase one is the anatomy teaching they have at BSMS. They allow you to carry out full body dissections and it's a really great opportunity to learn with the team." 


Anahita Shahmiri Moghaddam Araghi

Anahita Shahmiri Moghaddam Araghi

"What I’ve loved most about BSMS is how small and tight-knit we are. It’s like having an extended family, it really doesn’t matter who you are on placement with as everyone knows one another. Having had clinical experience from the first week of medical school from seeing patients in clinics and in the hospital to having patient educators come to the medical school to role play has really built my confidence to communicate with patients and their family.

"I think having these opportunities to interact with different patients in different situations has really helped me prepare for becoming an F1 next year- don’t get me wrong I’m so scared to start my working life but simultaneously so excited!"


Alicia Griffin

Alicia Griffin

"BSMS is such a welcoming and friendly place, and having small year groups means you get to know everyone really quickly. Placements and practical sessions from week one of first year have definitely been one of the highlights of the course, including skills days with the clinical skills team. These sessions give you time to practice skills so that you feel comfortable when it comes to looking after real-life patients.

"Simulation sessions have also been invaluable, learning to look after unwell patients in a supported environment. I feel as though BSMS has given me the tools, practice and confidence to know that I will be as prepared as I can be for starting F1."


Ishpal Moonga 

"All the placements that I have done so far have been fascinating. Being exposed to such a wide range of clinical specialties not only makes you fully appreciate the clinical manifestations of different complex diseases, but also allows you to meet a variety of patients from different backgrounds, each with their own view on life. 

"The best thing about spending time on clinical rotations is the regular patient interaction that you get. Whether you want to improve certain clinical skills, practise history taking or expand your medical knowledge, there is nothing better than learning directly from real patients under the supervision of qualified doctors and nurses in a clinical setting."


Hannah Cheston

hannah creston laughing with friends

"BSMS is a fantastic place to study. The early clinical exposure at BSMS gives you a great opportunity to start practicing clinical skills regularly, but also good communication skills which sets you up well for your clinical years later on in the course.

"Undertaking dissection helps build the foundations of your learning which you are able to build upon during later years of training.

"In terms of coming to end of my training; from talking to friends who have already graduated from BSMS, I know BSMS sets students up to be fantastic, clinically competent doctors who are ready to work in the NHS.

"In terms of what I want to do; presently I just want to get through my finals, but after I hope to spend a year working abroad, possibly in New Zealand, before coming back to the UK to work in the general hospital medicine."