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Two students observe a surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Fifth year perspectives

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Fifth year perspectives

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Hannah Carey

"I've really enjoyed my time studying at BSMS. The lecturers are really great and always willing to help if you're struggling with anything.

We do full cadaveric dissection which is rare in medical schools these days.You get early clinical experience and in your first few weeks you start being introduced to patients and getting used to talking to them. You are part of two universities so you get access to all their facilities."



Matthew Cadd

matthew cadd poses in operating theatre

"Being part of a smaller medical school allows for better-sized teaching sessions and staff are able to get to know students on a more individual basis.

"The early clinical exposure you receive at BSMS is really useful, and allowed me to apply knowledge learnt early on to relevant clinical settings.

"Throughout the first year I worked closely with the same GP, who was very familiar with our curriculum. This allowed them to make appointments with chronic patients who had interesting conditions and symptoms.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Brighton, both academically and socially. I feel BSMS has provided me with the best possible grounding for being a junior doctor and further into my career."


Hannah Cheston

hannah creston laughing with friends

"BSMS is a fantastic place to study. The early clinical exposure at BSMS gives you a great opportunity to start practicing clinical skills regularly, but also good communication skills which sets you up well for your clinical years later on in the course.

Undertaking dissection helps build the foundations of your learning which you are able to build upon during later years of training.

In terms of coming to end of my training; from talking to friends who have already graduated from BSMS, I know BSMS sets students up to be fantastic, clinically competent doctors who are ready to work in the NHS.

In terms of what I want to do; presently I just want to get through my finals, but after I hope to spend a year working abroad, possibly in New Zealand, before coming back to the UK to work in the general hospital medicine."


Eashwarran Kohilathas

Eashwarran Kohilathas in hospital corridor

What do you like about BSMS?

"We are taught medicine in a variety of ways in BSMS. These include things like lectures, dissection sessions, small group sessions and one-to-one help. I find that this variety helps me learn key concepts easier.

What you think are the school’s strong points?

"BSMS is a small medical school (in terms of the number of pupils per year). I think that its size is very advantageous as it creates a very close knit society. As a student you feel heard by various professionals. You also form good close friendships too.

This medical school also puts special emphasis on early patient contact. We are exposed to patients from year one. This is great as it gets us more comfortable being in patient centred environments in the future. It also means we are frequently reminded of why we are studying medicine.

How has your time here at BSMS so far prepared you for a career in medicine?

"We are regularly exposed to various forms of healthcare (primary, hospital and community) from the very beginning of our course. These ‘windows’ into specialties are helpful in finding out what interests us and what we might want to do in the future.

Directly, we are advised to start thinking about careers at the start of year 4. We are also provided with many forms of support with regards to career planning."

What do you want to do in the future?

"In the future I hope to either become a paediatrician or go into general practice. However I haven't ruled other specialities out."

How has early clinical experience helped?

"Early clinical experience gets us more confident around patients and healthcare environments. We learn how different systems work by having placements there. Clinical experience also improves our history taking and examination skills." 

What kind of experience overall have you had here?

"Overall BSMS has been fantastic so far. We are taught well and exposed to various specialties. We’re also given a lot of independence and there is always something extracurricular going on. I have made amazing friends and wonderful memories which will last a lifetime."


Ella Shalit

Tim's lab

"There are many opportunities to embark on scientific research, at one of the BSMS labs or one of the partner universities.

You can explore which scientific field you are interested in, and then develop this in your individual research project, which every student does in Year 4."