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Two students observe a surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Fourth year perspectives

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Fourth year perspectives

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Melissa Rajalingam


Melissa Rajalingam portrait phooto"BSMS has offered me unique learning opportunities through placements, it’s a pleasure to be able to engage with patients and understand their ideas and hopes of clinical experiences. I love that from the first few weeks of terms we were introduced to placements and allowed to liaise with multidisciplinary teams. The continuous focus on clinical experience and demeanour increases your confidence when working in practice and allows you to develop a natural demeanour when interacting with patients. 

The clinical years are excellent in preparing you for the life of a junior doctor, you get to join in the ward rounds and team meetings, clerk patients and carry out investigations. Having this hands-on experience teaches you so much valuable knowledge which you simple cannot learn in a lecture theatre and also develops your competence, the teams you get to shadow are also so supportive you’re made to feel part of their team.   

I really like Brighton, there is a mix of things to do and a balance between city life and being near nature. The city centre is packed with variety, and there’s something for everyone in the diverse and vibrant city.  I love that there are calming places to relax, Sussex Downs is an amazing area to explore and go for runs or walks. I enjoyed going to the beach in the summer, the sunsets by the pier are spectacular and there are lots of hidden spots in the Lanes to explore.  You’re never short of things to do on days off."


Shashin Sood

"These introductory lectures are good because it means when we do start in the ward next week, we have a more enhanced idea of what to expect.

So it's a very usefull week to be learning."


Emma Taylor-Gallardo

[Talking about GP placement] "I really enjoyed it, learnt a lot of skills. The team are lovely. 

I'm here with two other students and they're trusting us a lot. It feels very independent and very different to our first few years."


Luke Fox

 "Today is one of our simulated surgeries, which we get three of a year. It is essentially like a mock OSCE where you rotate around different stations.

I think there's about eight stations in total and it's like a GP simulation, so you go through different cases."


Angy Apata

"I've got theatre now and that's what I really enjoy about coming in for placement. You get to see the medical side but also the surgical side, which is really interesting.

"Thursdays are IRP days, that's your independant research project. It's really similar to a dissertation, you can chose a lab-based study, a systematic review or an audit. What I really like about Thursdays is that you can set your own schedule."