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Two students observe a surgery
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Fourth year perspectives

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Fourth year perspectives

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Ishpal Moonga

"So far, fourth year is shaping up to be the best year of the course! All the placements that I have done so far have been fascinating. Being exposed to such a wide range of clinical specialties in fourth year not only makes you fully appreciate the clinical manifestations of different complex diseases, but also allows you to meet a variety of patients from different backgrounds, each with their own view on life. 

"The best thing about spending time on clinical rotations is the regular patient interaction that you get. Whether you want to improve certain clinical skills, practise history taking or expand your medical knowledge, there is nothing better than learning directly from real patients under the supervision of qualified doctors and nurses in a clinical setting."


Emilie-Marie Sagripanti

"Being an international student, I really wanted to study medicine in the UK and I thought Brighton would be a great place to study being close to London and Gatwick airport, so it's really well connected for travel.

"It's great having a close-knit peer group to help the transition of moving away from home to a different city. Everyone is really close friends and it feels like a home away from home."


James Barber

"It can be quite stressful when you move your belongings into your accomodation and feeling worried about the new people you are going to meet.

"However, within 10 minutes of moving in, you settle down, meet your housemates and realise you are all in this together, so you can't wait to start the journey."

Peter Abiose

"Starting the clinical practice phase of the course in year three was tough to begin with but our experience of patient contact throughout the first two years really helped to prepare us for this transition. We also receive a lot of support from our individually assigned clinical academic tutor.

"I've decided to explore the possibility of becoming a GP and hopefully, by the end of my fifth year here, I'll be able to make a sound judgement regarding the direction of my future career."