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SHARE conference (Sustainable Healthcare Academic Research and Enterprise)

SHARE conference (Sustainable Healthcare Academic Research and Enterprise)

Friday 12 May 2023, 10am-4:30pm BST. 
This conference will be held online via MedAll.

This free event is co-hosted by Brighton and Sussex Medical School, the University of Brighton School of Sport and Health Sciences and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

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About this event

Theme – Sustainable healthcare teamwork: interdisciplinary solutions in action

This conference will offer keynote talks, oral presentations and posters about sustainable healthcare teamwork: interdisciplinary solutions in action.

Students, academics, researchers, clinical and estates colleagues from a wide range of disciplines interested in sustainable healthcare are all welcome to attend.

The conference is co-hosted by the University of Brighton School of Sport and Health Sciences, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

Keynote speakers:

Dr Chantelle Rizan – Brighton and Sussex Medical School, England

Dr Teddie Potter – University of Minnesota, United States

Dr Rengaraj Venkatesh – Aravind Eye Hospital, India


Meet our keynote speakers

Dr Chantelle Rizan:

Dr Rizan was appointed as Clinical Lecturer in Sustainable Healthcare at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2022, following her PhD evaluating ways to mitigate the carbon footprint of products used in the operating theatre. 

Dr Rizan seeks to translate her research into practice and policy, and is an academic advisor for a national report on Greener Surgery in collaboration with UK Health and Climate Change Alliance. Key achievements include receiving the Hillary International Health and Care Leadership Award (2022), and the Adam Weiler Doctoral Impact Award (2021) for outstanding academic impact.

Dr Teddie Potter:

Dr Potter is deeply committed to climate change education including co-founding Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, membership in the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, and membership on the American Academy of Nursing Environment and Public Health Expert Panel. She is a member of the Coordinating Committee of Columbia University’s Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education and a Fellow in the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. She chairs Clinicians for Planetary Health (C4PH) and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Planetary Health Alliance at Harvard.

At the University of Minnesota, Dr Potter designed and co-teaches an interdisciplinary course titled “The Global Climate Challenge: Creating an Empowered Movement for Change”. In addition, she co-leads a Health Sciences initiative titled, “Climate Change and Health: An Interprofessional Response”. In 2019, Dr Potter was appointed the first Director of Planetary Health for the School of Nursing.

In addition, Dr Potter is Executive Editor for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies; a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal promoting interdisciplinary collaboration as a solution for solving society’s grand challenges.

Dr Rengaraj Venkatesh:

Dr Venkatesh began his career as Medical officer in General Ophthalmology department at Aravind eye hospital, Madurai and later moved to Glaucoma department. At present he is the Chief Medical Officer of Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry.

Dr Venkatesh graduated in medicine with a gold medal in Ophthalmology from Annamalai University and DO & D.N.B from Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. In 2000, he completed Basic and clinical science assessment from International council of Ophthalmology.

Dr Venkatesh’s video on High-Volume, High-Quality, Cost-Effective Cataract Surgery for the Developing World: Sutureless ECCE bagged the Best of Show Award in the AAO, 2004 at New Orleans. He has also been awarded the ASCRS Research Grant in the year 2006. Twelve of his presentations have won awards at prestigious forums, including the conference of American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ASCRS).

Oral presentation and poster categories

Our call for abstracts for oral presentations is now closed, but we are accepting poster submissions up to the 24 April 2023.

Your abstract should be about research, audit, quality improvement or education projects related to the theme of sustainable healthcare teamwork: interdisciplinary solutions in action. The abstract categories include:

  • Sustainable models of care
  • Education and collaboration
  • Digital transformation
  • Travel and transport
  • Estates and facilities
  • Medicines and prescribing
  • Equipment and supply chains
  • Food and nutrition
  • Climate resilient health systems and adaption

A Planetary Health Report Card (PHRC) poster option for students is available. For more information download the submission instructions here > or email >



10:00-10:10 Introduction to conference - SHARE conference team

10:10-10:15 Welcome address - Dr Anna Jones

10:15-10:45 Keynote 1 - Dr Chantelle Rizan

10:45-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 Oral presentations - Concurrent sessions 1, 2, 3 (see below)

12:00-12:30 Break

12:30-13:30 Oral presentations - Concurrent sessions 4, 5, 6 (see below)

13:30-13:45 Break

13:45-13:50 Midpoint address - Rachel Stancliffe

13:50-14:20 Keynote 2 - Dr Rengaraj Venkatesh

14:20-14:30 Break

14:30-15:30 Oral presentations - Concurrent sessions 7, 8, 9 (see below)

15:30-15:50 Break

15:50-16:20 Keynote 2 - Dr Teddie Potter

16:20-16:25 Conference summary and prizes - Dr Heather Baid

16:25-16:30 Closing address - Dr Angela Glynn

Concurrent Sessions 1, 2 and 3 between 11:00-12:00
Session 1: Digital transformation
Session 2: Medicines
Session 3: Education
An evaluation of the role of drones in supporting NHS logistics - Angela Smith, Bournemouth University, UK EcoKidzMed: A multi-disciplinary approach to comparing the carbon footprint of liquid and capsule amoxicillin - Emily Parker, Great North Children's Hospital, UK  An innovative Planetary Health and Sustainable Healthcare curriculum adaptable for all health professions - Emma O’Neill, Leeds University, UK
Diabetes Fitbit support group - Helen Kingston, Frome Medical Practice, UK A systematic review investigating the environmental considerations of healthcare professionals when prescribing inhaler devices - James Heath, Warwick Medical School, UK  Development and evaluation of a climate change curriculum in medical school education: a survey of student knowledge and attitudes - Emily Yamron, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA 
The sustainable value assessment in digital health interventions: a scoping review - Johanna Alvarez-Rodriguez, University of Brighton, UK Quality improvement project to reduce paper waste and reduce prescriptions of high-carbon footprint inhalers at Amwell Group GP Practice - Sana Ali, Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, UK Student driven change: integrating planetary health into Cambridge’s medical curriculum - Amelia Holloway, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, UK
Microsoft Teams in the non-clinical setting - Kathryn King, Humber NHS Foundation Trust, UK Our nitrous oxide wastage - No laughing matter: how we quantified nitrous wastage deanery wide and what we can do about it - Amy Parekh, Royal Berkshire Hospital, UK Collaboration in establishing the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Planetary Health Report Card - Jordan Zimmerman, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, USA


Concurrent Sessions 4, 5, and 6 between 12:30-13:30

Session 4: Waste
Session 5: Views, attitudes and knowledge
Session 6: Championing change
Recycling theatre waste: a quality improvement project - Zhen Yu Wong, Nottingham City Hospital, UK Attitudes, knowledge and barriers of healthcare staff towards environmental sustainability: a systematic review - Pinky Kotecha, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK  Eco-activist in residence - Maya Lindley, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK 
Enteral feed bottle recycling: an interdisciplinary project to raise the profile of sustainability initiatives on the intensive care unit - Phoebe Gray, North Bristol NHS Trust, UK Perception, attitude, awareness, and perspective towards sustainability practices in relation to climate change among nurses - Ebenezer Akore Yeboah, Coventry University, UK Climate Week: Using a national sustainability campaign to strengthen a community of practice across the North of Scotland - Rory Gibson, Highland Medical Education Centre, NHS Highland, UK 
Inappropriate use of non-sterile gloves in healthcare settings globally: A systematic review - Abiman Ravishanker, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK Surveying the attitudes of dermatologists regarding sustainability - Sarah Winter, University Hospital of Wales, UK  The Climate and Health Score Card initiative - Eleanor Cooke, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, UK 
Mixed method analysis of switching from single use pulp to reusable plastic trays in an NHS Trust - Calum Byrne,
Education for Sustainable Health in the clinical environment: Consultant perceptions and ideas - James Lee, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK  Bringing nature into psychiatric practice: Evaluating a nature-based training course for psychiatrists - Ruth Goffi, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK 


Concurrent Sessions 7, 8, and 9 between 14:30-15:30

Session 7: Environmental impact
Session 8: Education two
Session 9: Sustainable healthcare
A review of factors contributing to the carbon footprint of cataract surgery - Omar Taboun, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Canada  Integrating climate and health in the nursing curriculum - Tibo Uyttersprot, Health Care Without Harm Europe, Belgium  Rapid Decarbonisation of Healthcare - A Systems Engineering Approach - James Smith, University of Cambridge, UK  
The carbon footprint of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) - Ayoma Ratnappuli, King's College Hospital,
Implementation of a sustainable quality improvement programme for dental core trainees in Yorkshire - Jenny Girdler, Health Education England, UK  Climate vulnerability of cardiology procedures - Yousuf El Shafei, University of Dundee, UK 
Care closer to home: carbon
implications - Lauren Davis and Amy Bourne, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, UK 
Embedding sustainability into clinical laboratory practice and education using SusQI principles - Sheri Scott, Nottingham Trent University, UK  Assessing long-term medical remanufacturing emissions with life cycle analysis – Yan Wang, University of Brighton, UK

Community care pathways: using a green impact assessment tool to engage, educate, measure and supportsustainable change - Lauren Davis and Amy Bourne,
Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, UK



Registration for this conference is free and open to all. This online conference will be held on MedAll, you can register your place now.

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