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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme

Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme

The new Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme is supported by Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) together with Simulation-Based Education and Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIM-TEL), South East, Health Education England.

This regional approach to multiprofessional learning will support fellows from a range of clinical backgrounds including doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals. The aim is to work in system facing teams to bring about service improvement and establish collaborative networks in five key priority topic areas.

  1. Developing Clinical Practice
  2. Differential Attainment
  3. Simulation-Based Education and Technology-Enhanced Learning
  4. Digital Skills in Healthcare Practice
  5. Leadership Development.

Download the information for stakeholders flyer >

Download the factsheet for Fellows >

Download the project application form >

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Key features of the programme 

This programme is a collaboration between HEE KSS together with SIM-TEL, South East, HEE, participating trusts and BSMS to include the following:

  • Open to doctors who have completed foundation training, doctors at ST3 level and their equivalent or healthcare professionals band 6-8a
  • c.40% protected (non-clinical) time to complete Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme
  • Employed in the NHS or local authorities
  • Flexible start dates throughout the academic year.

Download the information for stakeholders flyer >

Download the factsheet for Fellows >

Download the project application form >

Opportunities for the Multiprofessional Fellow 

  • Bespoke education: PGCert in Clinical Professional Studies; or PGCert in Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning; or PGCert Simulation in Clinical Practice; or specific stand-alone modules
  • Learning communities with other fellows – support through reflective action learning groups to develop skills needed for analytical dialogue and collaboration
  • Project-based learning through active investigation of real-workplace challenges and problems to deliver developments in one or more of the five key topic areas.

Recruiting now

Current opportunities include the PGCert in Clinical Professional Studies, PGCert Simulation in Clinical Practice or PGCert in Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning, or specific stand-alone modules. Visit the course pages below or contact Dr Jackie Knight, Programme Director, on or 07388 037961.

Visit the Clinical Professional Studies page here >


Visit the Healthcare Leadership and Commissioning page here >

"The Multiprofessional Fellowship programme is a collaborative partnership between Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) together with Simulation-Based Education and Technology-Enhanced Learning (SIM-TEL), South East, Health Education England and BSMS. This prestigious fellowship has been designed to develop clinicians from multi-professional backgrounds in their ability to undertake complex project initiatives that will have a profound impact on them and the organisations they work for."
Professor Ali Bokhari, Director of Clinical Education and Kent County Dean (HEE KSS)

"I am delighted we are able to provide this exciting opportunity for Fellows who come from multi-professional clinical backgrounds, including Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Dentists and Pharmacists. Fellows will enjoy a bespoke experience whilst studying at BSMS and be  given the opportunity to develop projects in key topic areas across Kent, Surrey and Sussex."
Professor Gordon Fern, Head of Medical Education (BSMS), Associate Dean (HEE, KSS)

"The Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme will take fellows on a transformative innovation-learning journey. The opportunity to learn inter-professionally and undertake pathways of study that embed advancing practice will help to transform healthcare system redesign."
Dr Jackie Knight, Programme Director BSMS-HEE KSS Multi-professional Fellowship Programme / Programme Director BSMS-HEE SE Simulation-Based Education and Technology-Enhanced Learning Fellowship Programme.

“The fellowship combines bespoke education, networking with other fellows from diverse backgrounds and a project that addresses a real-workplace challenge. I’m really enjoying it so far – it’s been great to meet so many people and apply my learning to benefit the healthcare system that I’m working in.” 
Dr Seán Perera, Multiprofessional Fellow.

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Who is involved?


  • Recruit and employ / provide secondment opportunity for multiprofessional fellow(s)
  • Contribute towards salary costs 
  • Provide local development support and opportunities for projects in one or more key priority topic areas.


  • Sponsor overall programme
  • Contribute £20k towards multiprofessional salary costs (2021)
  • Position and promote programme with other development opportunities across South East, HEE.


  • Manage and coordinate programme
  • PGCert and bespoke programme development
  • Facilitate and capture learning between and across fellows and trusts across South East, HEE.

HEE KSS and SIM-TEL, South East, HEE funding available in 2022-2023.

HEE KSS and SIM-TEL, South East, HEE is investing in the Multiprofessional Fellowship Programme infrastructure and academic costs including PGCert or stand-alone module fees:

•    £20k per post
•    PGCert fees for every post covered
•    Additional posts can be fully funded by trusts.