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Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Meet our team

Meet our team



Head of Department: Professor Hugo Critchley

Head of Research: Professor Neil Harrison 

Teaching Lead BSMS Neuroscience: Dr Natasha Sigala

Team directory A-Z

Hugo Critchley 2014_web

Professor Hugo D Critchley 

Head of Department of BSMS Neuroscience
Foundational Chair in Psychiatry
Director of Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science

Hugo pursues a lifelong interest in normal and abnormal human behaviour from the perspective of mind-body interaction. His work helps define the way in which states of bodily arousal are controlled by the brain and how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are shaped by physiological changes in the body.  

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Natatsha Sigala

Dr Natasha Sigala 
Teaching Lead BSMS Neuroscience

Natasha’s work focuses on learning and memory. Her research areas include psychophysics and MRI in cognitive neuroscience.                                                                                                      

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Sarah Garfinkel for web

Dr Sarah Garfinkel
Senior Lecturer

Sarah’s research centres on body-brain interactions underlying emotion and cognition.

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Alessandro Colasanti

Dr Alessandro Colasanti 
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Alessandro's research investigates the biological mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of affective disorders, by using a translational approach that integrates multimodal neuroimaging modalities (PET and quantitative MRI) and pharmacological approaches in healthy human subjects and clinical populations.

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Yoko Nagai

Dr Yoko Nagai
Senior Lecturer in Translational Neuroscience

Yoko’s research in biofeedback technologies and treatments focuses on neurological and psychiatric conditions and the role of autonomic function in epilepsy.

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Harry Witchel web

Dr Harry Witchel 
Senior Lecturer in Physiology

Harry is Discipline Leader in Physiology, and uses time series analysis to correlate physiological and motion metrics with physiological, psychological or pathological (disease) states. Work in the laboratory focuses on the triangulation of behavioural data, physical properties and subjective reporting.

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Jessica Eccles

Dr Jessica Eccles
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Jessica’s areas of expertise include liaison psychiatry, psychiatric manifestations of connective tissue disorders, and mechanisms of chronic pain and fatigue.

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Charlotte Rae

Dr Charlotte Rae
Research Fellow

Charlotte’s broad interest is in how the human prefrontal cortex supports complex human behaviour, and how this can be altered with everyday challenges and in neurological and psychiatric conditions. 

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Lisa Quadt

Dr Lisa Quadt
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Lisa’s broad interest lies in the interaction between body and mind in mental health conditions. Her current research focusses on the influence of interoception on anxiety in autism spectrum conditions.

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Kristy Themelis

Dr Kristy Themelis 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kristy’s long-term research interests focus on seeking to understand individual differences in pain sensitivity. Understanding these differences are crucial as they can have important implications for tailoring treatment and guiding decisions throughout the treatment process. 

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James Mulcahy
PhD Student

James is currently studying for a PhD working on the project entitled ‘Aligning dimensions of Interoceptive Experience (ADIE) to prevent development of anxiety disorders in autism.’ The project aims to investigate the relationship between anxiety and the signalling and perception of bodily arousal in adults with autism.

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