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Field work - students working on a Podo project
Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Meet our team

Meet our team


A group photo of the Global Health and Infection Leadership team in 2017

Team directory A-Z

Dr Caroline Ackley Headshot

Dr Caroline Ackley
Research Fellow in Medical Anthropology

Caroline’s research lies in medical anthropology with a focus on neglected tropical diseases, women’s health, and community health.  She is interested in using participatory and creative methods to engage individuals and communities in health dialogue. 

See DR Caroline Ackley's Full profile >

Gemma Aellah Headshot

Gemma Aellah
Research Fellow in Medical Anthropology

Gemma is interested in developing creative ways to communicate anthropology knowledge. She is co-author of a workbook for global health researchers which encourages open discussion of ethical challenges when conducting research across inequalities. Gemma is part of The Social Sciences for Severe Stigmatising Skin Conditions (5S) Foundation at BSMS.

See Gemma Aellah's Full profile >

Kate Alford

Dr Kate Alford
Research Fellow in HIV and Neurology

Dr Kate Alford is a research fellow in HIV and Neurology with an interest in cognitive impairment and mental health in people living with HIV (PLWH). She works within Prof Jaime Vera’s HIV Aging and Comorbidities research group at BSMS and at the Lawson Unit at University Hospitals Sussex (UHS).

See Dr Kate Alford's full profile >

Dr Leena Al-Hassan Headshot

Dr Leena Al-Hassan 
Senior Research Fellow In Global Health

Leena's main areas of research are the characterisation of antibiotic resistance of hospital-acquired infections; and the identification of epidemiological and generic characteristics among Gram-negative bacteria in low and middle-income countries.                                                                                                 

See Dr Leena Al-Hassan's Full profile >

Dr Diana Alcantara Headshot

Dr Diana Alcantara
Research Fellow  

Diana’s research focuses on understanding the immunopathogenesis of podoconiosis. Wider interests include immunology, neglected tropical diseases, and genetic disorders.

See Dr Diana Alcantara's Full Profile > 

Vasso Anagnostopoulou profile photo

Dr Vasso Anagnostopoulou
Research Fellow in Medical Statistics

Vasso joined BSMS in 2019 supporting the research activities of the NIHR Global Health Research Unit for Neglected Tropical Diseases and the NIHR 5S Foundation as a statistician and data manager.

See Dr Vasso Anagnostopoulou's full profile >

Saeideh Babashahi Profile Photo

Dr Saeideh Babashahi
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Health Economics

Saeideh joined the Department of Global Health and Infection as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in health economics in 2021. She currently works on a NIHR-funded research project about evaluating supplementary prescribing by dieticians and independent prescribing by therapeutic radiographers.

See Saeideh Babashahi's Full Profile > 

Fiona Cresswell profile photo

Dr Fiona Cresswell
NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer

Fiona's research focuses on improving HIV treatment in sub-Saharan Africa and reducing mortality from advanced HIV disease. She is also interested in injectable antiretroviral therapy and is a site principal investigator for the CARES study – a phase III clinical trial investigating injectable cabotegravir and rilpivirine in Africa.

See Dr Fiona Cresswell's full profile >

Lizzie Cross

Gail Davey Headshot

Prof Gail Davey
Professor Of Global Health Epidemiology

Gail is a medical epidemiologist specialising in skin-related Neglected Tropical Diseases. Her current research focus is on providing the evidence base for global elimination of podoconiosis. 

See Gail Davey's Full profile >

Bethany Davies profile photo

Dr Bethany Davies
Senior Lecturer (Hon Cons) in Infection

Bethany is the Head of Education for the department. She specialises in Medical Education and making sure undergraduate and postgraduate students receive the best teaching experience on Global Health and Infection issues. 

See Bethany Davies's Full profile >

Dr Kebede Deribe Headshot

Dr Kebede Deribe
Affiliate to the Global Health and Infection Department

Kebede’s work focuses on the Global Mapping of Podoconiosis, spatial epidemiology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), neglected tropical diseases and modelling.

See Dr Kebede Deribe's Full profile > 

Mrs Alice Ellis
Assistant Administrator in the Global Health and Infection Department

See Alice Ellis' full profile >

Chi Eziefula Headshot

Dr Chi Eziefula
Senior Lecturer (Hon Cons) in Infection

Chi is a malaria researcher focusing on Malaria Epidemiology, Clinical Trials and interventions to block malaria transmission. Her wider interests include Migrant Health, Tropical Diseases and Women’s Global Health. 

See Chi Eziefula's Full profile >

Abebaw Fekadu Headshot

Prof Abe Fekadu
Clinical Professor (Honorary Consultant) in Global Mental Health

Abe's research interests are in clinical trials, complex interventions, mood disorders and knowledge translation. 

See Abebaw fekadu's Full profile >

Grit Gansch Headshot

Grit Gansch
Global Health Research Finance Officer 

Grit provides financial support to the NIHR Unit on Neglected Tropical Diseases. She has a background in accounting with experience in both private and public sector. 

See Grit Gansch's Full profile >

Diego GarciaProfile Photo

Dr Diego Garcia
Lecturer in Global Health

Diego holds a PhD in Gender and Sexuality Studies (UCL), a MSc in Asian Studies (Lund University/NUS) and a BA in Journalism (University Complutense of Madrid, University of Tampere and Korea University). His current research investigates the experiences and perceptions of dolutegravir/lamivudine dual antiretroviral therapy (the PEDAL Study) in people living with HIV (PLHIV).

See Dr Diego Garcia's full profile >  

Esther Garibay profile photo

Esther Garibay
Research Communications Manager

Esther’s work focuses on coordinating the Wellcome Trust Brighton and Sussex Centre for Global Health research activities, as well as helping with communication and public engagement for the department and the Footwork project.

See Esther Garibay's Full profile >

Dr Anne Gatuguta Headshot

Dr Anne Gatuguta 
Senior Lecturer in Global Health, Course Leader for MSc in Global Health

Anne is a mixed methods researcher whose work is largely focused on understanding barriers to healthcare access, adherence to treatment and uptake of preventive health interventions such as screening and interventions delivered by lay health workers.

See Dr Anne Gatuguta's Full profile >

Victoria Hall headshot

Victoria Hall
Research Fellow in Medical Anthropology 

Victoria Hall is a Socio-Cultural and Medical Anthropologist with a BA from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology (with a specialisation in Medical Anthropology) from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in Global Health from BSMS. She is currently in the final stages of her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. During her PhD, Victoria specialised in concepts of self, personhood, ontology, cosmology, and religious pluralism in the Himalayan region of north India. This was placed within a framework of interests in the ethical and moral, health and practices of care, expressive form and perceptions of the embodied self, and socio-political and socio-economic differences and/or difficulties amongst migrant, refugee, and socially vulnerable groups. 

See Victoria Hall's full profile >

Natalia Ivashikina profile image

Dr Natalia Ivashikina 
Senior Lecturer in Global Health Economics 

Natalia has an interest in neglected tropical diseases, economic evaluations in low- and middle-income countries, methodology of clinical trials and standardising economic outcomes. Her research covers all stages of planning and executing economic evaluations, such as undertaking systematic literature review, data collection, statistical data analyses and economic modelling. 

See Dr Natalia Ivashikina's Full profile >

Dr Collins Iwuji Headshot

Prof Collins Iwuji
Professor of Global Health and HIV Medicine

Collins’ broad research interest is on HIV treatment outcomes in resource-constrained settings and sexually transmitted infections. He is particularly interested in the use of ART for the prevention of sexual transmission of HIV having undertaken the first population-based clinical trial in the world evaluating the impact of ART on HIV incidence in rural South Africa. 

See Prof Collins Iwuji's Full profile >

Rachel Jackson pictured smiling against a blue and yellow wall

Rachel Jackson
Project Support Officer

Rachel supports the research activities of two major NIHR funded research projects in Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Department for Global Health and Infection.

See Rachel Jackson's full profile > 

Sohail Jannesari profile photo

Dr Sohail Jannesari
Lecturer in Global Health

Sohail is interested in the intersection between migration, colonialism and mental health, and has used a postcolonial lens to examine the violence of the asylum process as well as people’s resistance to it.

See Dr Sohail Jannesari's full profile >

Dr Martin Llewelyn Headshot

Prof Martin Llewelyn
Professor of Infectious Diseases

Martin’s research is focused on the common, life-threatening infections which affect patients in the NHS, in particular on healthcare associated and antibiotic resistant pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile 

See Prof Martin Llewelyn's Full profile >

Jo middleton

Jo Middleton 
Research Fellow

Jo Middleton is a biologist trained in medical and veterinary acarology. He collaborates with research in Life Sciences at the University of Sussex and Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at University of Brighton. Much of Jo’s research and teaching involves interrelated work at two very different scales, that of microscopic parasites (specifically acarines) and that of Planetary Health.

See Jo Middleton's full profile >

A head and shoulders shot of a woman with blond hair looking into the camera and smiling

Debbie Miller
Senior Departmental Administrator 

Debbie provides day-to-day support to all admin activities for the department as well as being a PA to Professors Melanie Newport and Gail Davey. She is the go-to person for any practical advice. 

See Debbie Miller's Full profile >

Dr Papreen Nahar Headshot

Dr Papreen Nahar
Senior Research Fellow (Medical Anthropology and Global Health) 

Papreen's research areas include health inequalities, health and social exclusion, health and marginality, neglected tropical diseases, stigma and antimicrobial resistance.

See Dr Papreen Nahar's Full Profile >

Prof Melanie Newport Headshot

Prof Melanie Newport
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Melanie’s main area of research is genetic regulation of immune responses and susceptibility to infectious disease, infant immune responses to vaccination, mycobacterial infection and susceptibility to podoconiosis (endemic non-filarial elephantiasis).

See Prof Melanie Newport's Full profile >

Dr James Price Profile Photo

Dr James Price
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Infection

Dr James Price took up the position of Senior Lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Honorary Consultant in Infection at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust in 2022 where he pursues his interests in translational application of data and novel technologies to inform on prediction and prevention of healthcare-associated infection and antimicrobial resistance.

See Dr James Price's full profile >

Md Ilias Kamal Risat profile photo

Md Ilias Kamal Risat
Research Fellow

Md Ilias Kamal Risat is a medical anthropologist with interests in global health research and interventions in lower and middle-income countries. Risat is part of The Social Science for Severe Stigmatising Skin Conditions (5S) Foundation, a social science study aimed at exploring severe stigmatising skin diseases - podoconiosis, mycetoma and scabies in Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

See Md Ilias Kamal Risat's full profile >

Dr Maya Semrau Headshot

Dr Maya Semrau
Research Fellow in Implementation

Maya’s current work at BSMS is on an implementation research study to integrate and scale-up a holistic care package involving physical and psychosocial interventions for people with podoconiosis in Ethiopia. 

See Dr Maya Semrau's Full profile >

Hope Simpson
Research Fellow

Dr Mei Trueba Headshot

Dr Mei Trueba
Senior Lecturer in International Development and Global Health

Mei’s research focus is in international development, labour relations and health; in particular occupational health and safety in low-and middle-income countries. Her research also focuses on understanding health risk behaviours and their determinants.

See Dr Mei Trueba's Full profile >

Jaime Vera profile photo

Professor Jaime Vera
Professor in HIV Medicine

Jaime has a research interest in ageing and HIV focusing on the study of comorbidities affecting people with HIV, service development for older people with HIV, and interventional studies that aimed to improve quality of life, and well-being of patients with HIV in both low and high income settings.

See Professor Jaime Vera's Full profile >

Dr Giovanni Villa Headshot

Dr Giovanni Villa
Clinical Research Fellow in Medicine and Infectious Diseases 

Giovanni's areas of expertise include HIV drug resistance; adherence to antiretroviral treatment; non-communicable comorbidities and HIV infection; viral hepatitis. 

See Dr Giovanni Villa's Full Profile >

Dr Simon Waddell Headshot

Professor Simon Waddell
Senior Lecturer in Microbial Pathogenesis

Simon’s research is on tuberculosis: TB pathogenesis, TB drug discovery, transcriptional profiling and host-pathogen interactions. He is also the head of Lab for the department.

See professor Simon Waddell's Full profile >

Jenni Wilburn
Global Health Programme Manager

Shahaduz Zaman profile photo

Professor Shahaduz Zaman
Reader in Medical Anthropology and Global Health

Zaman is interested in ethnographic exploration of health and illness of marginalised, excluded and vulnerable populations. Other interest topics include hospital ethnography, socio-cultural aspects of communicable and non-communicable diseases, death dying and end of life, refugee health and the role of art in health interventions. 

sEE pROFESSOR Shahaduz Zaman's Full profile >